A Warm Welcome to the Adventurers!

We are your solution.

We don’t need large offices in Paris, Sydney or Tokyo. We are road warriors and always there for you no matter where you are. Our administration is based in Berlin and we are based everywhere. There are many good reasons to work with us. Here are our favourites.

1. We are ADDICTED.

We are a – not so young anymore – company but still want to prove ourselves every day. We need new challenges. No one comes to us because he has worked with our grandfather … having played golf with him. We want to convince with our work that is why we work harder and sleep less. This ruins our complexion but helps our customers.

2. We've learned our LESSONS.

Being an ambitious service company we have to fight prejudices:
not enough people, insufficient know-how, not enough experience …
We could now start telling you all about our specific or interdisciplinary qualifications, our academic or other education, our degrees, medals or other signs of honour.
To fight the prejudices there is only one possibility: A first meeting. It is our best reference. It does not cost you anything but it will pay back.

3. We do what YOU want.

We listen to you. We ask for the missing pieces of information. We will tell you what we think. That is the only way to provide you with what you need. Our service is especially cut for you – tailor made. We adapt our organisation to yours not the other way around.

4. We can do it ALL.

We have learnt project management from the very bottom up to the highest levels of education. We are able to build a 3G-mobile network, we can deliver a box of Coca Cola to the North pole, we can ‘plant’ and ‘water’ new services in a desert devoid of services, refresh your product mix. Depending on the given task, we work as consultants, interim managers, designers but always as good craftsmen no matter whether we wear suit, dress or helmet and overall.

5. We are FUSSY.

You have read some stuff about the way we think and work. And there is more: we are always and forever nitpicking. We keep a sharp eye on budgets and deadlines and never lose sight of our financial and strategic objectives. That sounds like nitpicking and that’s what it is although it’s called controlling.

6. We are GREEDY.

We like to earn money. It is our reward for good and honest work. Good ideas and their realisation or the overcoming of difficulties is not for free.  However, you will be pleasantly surprised how much performance you get for your money.

Our offer

Project Management and Consulting

We attend to your needs from the first step in your project until delivery and we cover every aspect of project management.

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Consulting Telecommunication

Size and place don’t matter. We advise companies of all sizes. Locally, regionally and internationally.

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Business and Project Development

We are working with you through your ideas and develop possibilites to bring them to life. When we are confident, we will be able to convince others too.

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