Business and Project Development

You have a business idea but aren’t sure how to go about it? You have neither capacity nor time? And you are unsure what it is exactly you need? Nice to meet you. Together we can discuss your ideas and develop appropriate implementation. If both of us are convinced, we’ll convince others too.

Services to convince

  • development of business / project scope
  • setting up business cases
  • financing and/or investment
  • partial / total takeover of (project) management on a temporary basis
  • interim project management
  • employee recruitment at all levels
  • product development
  • marketing / public relations
  • funding
  • IT, office, telecommunication services

This is not it …
Not only are we able to write a business case but to put it in an envelope, address it correctly, and stamp it.  We are amazing, right? Through our experience we belive in a holistic approach.

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