Consulting Telecommunication

Wir beraten Unternehmen jeder Größe. Lokal, regional, national und international. Schöne Worte, denken Sie. Finden wir ebenso. Was die da erzählen, denken Sie. Das ist Ihr gutes Recht. Inzwischen sollten Sie aber wissen, dass Integrität unsere Maxime ist. Wir schauen unseren Kunden gerne nach dem Projekt immer noch stolz und gerade in die Augen.



CONSULTING Fields of Telecommunication

  • technology and service strategy
  • network architecture, -planning, -building und -operation
  • organisation und process management
  • programm und project management
  • writing of specifications
  • subcontractor coordination
  • carrier relations and leased line management
  • corporate planning and management
  • corporate foundation

We have grown up in the industry. It feels like home to us.

Based on our experience of many years we can support you as:
Project Manager

You decide when and how far we accompany you.

We find the right people for your project.

We can be the adviser at your side, just whispering or as a coach or as your elongated arm. What we like best is taking things in our own  hands as well as the responsibility for costs, dates and quality. An advantage of being in the business for many years, we do not look for the necessary skills. They are either in our company or we know the person who has them very well.


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