Project Management and Consulting

We do project management and consulting in all forms and sizes, for any period of time.


Classic Project Management

  • taking over of responsibility for the whole or part of a project
  • project planning and organisation
  • composition of the project team
  • project realisation
  • project controlling
  • quality management and documentation
  • training / coaching

Special Project Management

  • program management: when the whole thing is getting bigger than expected
  • multi-project management: when the project turns out to be more than one
  • chaos management: when it is getting tight
  • emergency management: when it’s more than tight and almost too late
  • disaster recovery project management: when it’s in pieces
  • project management expertise: when you need to know what went wrong

Projects have a definite beginning, an extra ordinary task and a definite end. But even better: we meet deadlines, budgets, quality criteria AND keep the promises we make.

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