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In awe and ecstacy: Elephants. We believe Elephants are heavenly creatures. Their character and pride humbles us. They are perfect, with character and pride. We love their stories and are happy to support those who take care of them. In the end, no one looks as good as our dirty dozen.

Aristoteles 384-322 v. Chr.


Our godchild Emily for D.N.

Emily (♀) was born around September 1993 in Tsavo-West National Park. She was only one month old when she came wandering with her herd in the direction of Tsavo-East. She fell into a pit latrine. Her herd was not able to help her out, staying agitated nearby. The rangers were alarmed by the behaviour and took the litte one in. Emily is our first baby and has grown into a true leader. She has her own herd since many years.

#Girls can do anything!

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Our godchild Imenti for G.S.

Imenti (♂) was born in January 1994, rescued at Mount Kenya. He was only hours old. He has grown just fine, is full of viality and sass. He is friends with Emily which he knows from their days back in Nairobi. He lives with a few keepers in the North of Tsavo-East. The area is closed for tourists.

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Our godchild Madiba for K.M.

Madiba (♂) was rescued in Botswana just a few days old. He was suffering from a head wound, probably caused by poachers. He was traumatised and walking in circles only. It seems that his family left him having no hope that he could survive. His birthday is in September 2003. He is fine now and taking over responsibilities for his family.

#Boys can do too!

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Our godchild Mukwaju for M.H.I.

Mukwaju (♂) was born in September 1999 and only 3 weeks old when found with no family around. He was stuck in a muddy waterhole at a location named Mukwaju in Tsavo-East National Park.

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Our godchild Oltaiyoni for D.J.

Oltaiyoni (♀) was born in April 2013. She was 6 months old when she was wandering all alone near the lodge. It is not known what happened to her family.

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Our godchild Sweet Sally for R.N.

Sally (♀) was born in February. When her mother left her, she was only six months old. It is assumed that her mother was traumatised during a relocation to Mount Meru when she stopped looking after Sally.


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Our godchild Kuishi for F.A.

Kuishi (♀) was born in February 2016. She was seen from an airplane standing beside her dead mother, 10 months old. After a long drought it had rained recently but obviously too late for her mother.

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Our godchild Musiara for K.T.

Musiara (♂) was born in December 2016. He was seen by a film crew, following a wild herd but with no lactating female around. He was so little and weak that no one believed Musiara would make it. But he did and he is absolutely georgous.

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Our godchild Kiasa for S.P.

Kiasa (♀) was born in April 2017. Only 6 months old and still dependent on her mother’s milk, she was found with two young bulls. It is not known what happened to her mother. However, she is doing fine and loves to spray her visitors.
She is our baby and a cutie.

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Our godchild Karisa for K.P.

Karisa (♂) was born in October 2014. She was found beside her dead mother, about 2 years old. Her mother was fatally shot by poachers.

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Our godchild Naboishu for L.N.

Naboishu (♂) is one of our newcomers. When the veterinary department of SWT / KWS Mara was asked to investigate the sudden death of the elephant mom “Namunyak”, they found her young calf in the company of her herd. The little calf could not survive among men; now he is part of a happy elephant family. He’s a little scallywag, always looking for the next orphan to play with.

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Our godchild Pika Pika for V.W.

During a routine air patrol over the Taita Ranch, a Wildlife Works pilot discovered a young, milk-dependent elephant calf, Pika Pika (♀). Pika Pika was accompanied by five adult bulls. Without a nursing mother, she had to be rescued. Now she’s  carefully being released back into the wild.

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